Fantastic Rubber thanks you for the trust and all the orders

The anniversary campaign for the 10th anniversary of Fantastic Rubber was a huge success, much bigger than we ever dreamed.
We received more than 700 orders since Christmas 2014, and we have been having some issues recording orders, customer data and dimension tables, quick enough.

Unfortunatelz there was a little jam with the emails, but we are doing everything we can to get control of the situation.  Although our response time is usually less than a day, this is currently not possible so I ask for your understanding.  

The first 180 orders from 700 orders have already been executed, but we still have over 500 orders to go. The delivery time of 3 weeks is currently unattainable.  I would like to apologize to all customers who took advantage of the deal during the last week of January, as they will not likely be ready until April 2015. 

If you have not received confirmation of your order after 2 weeks, please contact me again to ensure your order has gone through.

I wish you a wonderful winter.

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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