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We produce custom-made individual fashion. Our experience shows us that, despite the flexibility of , fitting can be a bit tricky. There can often be problems with durability in some areas that are subject to high stress and stretch, such as around the armpits or the groin. If a product doesn´t fit well here, the material will be strained and eventually become damaged. This is why we produce custom-made products.

In relation to catsuits, we have developed a wide variety of designs - including multi-coloured styles for women and men that incorporate lots of cool ideas.

In addition, we offer dresses, skirts, hotpants and more. For men we now offer an extended range, from button-down shirts to dress pants.

We are always looking for new ideas so please let us know what else you would like us to offer.


Here is a list of the colours that are available from our partner Radical Rubber.

Please note, the actual colours of the latex might differ slightly from the pictures. Also, the material can vary with every order, albeit only slightly. Unfortunately, we don't have any influence over this.