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  • Staff and Order-Queue

    Fantastic Rubber is looking for reinforcement for the workshop, but unfortunately we have not been successful in recent months.

  • Problems with emails to servers from Microsoft

    For a few weeks now we have had big problems with sending emails to Microsoft servers.

    This mostly affects accounts at Hotmail, Outlook and Live, but also all email addresses that are on a Microsoft server.

  • Premium and VIP

    Sinse March 2021 New conditions apply for Premium and VIP.
    The status itself does not change, but the premium status is valid from a turnover of 350€ and the VIP status from 1100€ (in each case including the valid VAT).

  • Gloves

    Many customers have certainly already noticed that we no longer sell gloves with closed fingers.

  • Latex on stock

    Fantastic Rubber has a very higher stock for latex. We always have about 700 rolls in stock, also to be able to produce orders in different colors and thicknesses at any time.
    But this also means high costs.

  • Lieferzeiten

    Unfortunately, this is also related to Corona, because employment offices and job centers have stopped the placement in higher parts, cannot make personal consultations and "may" not even ask for an interview.

  • Returns for repair

    We are happy to repair your products purchased from us in the future. The things should be well de-oiled and powdered. Remnants of moisture can lead to mould and we have to wash the items again.

  • Resolution for pictures

    It's nice when you send emails with pictures. Often it is helpful to see damage or defects and a picture says more than 1000 words.

    I am also well aware that modern smartphones have a constantly improving camera. But do you always have to take full advantage of it?


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