do you know this problem .... ?

Many people who at times also wear latex slightly longer have a problem. After some time you start to sweat and the crotch-zip is a true source for wetness.

Who like to wears his catsuit also under normal clothing knows the painful feeling when a wet spot is forming in the crotch. A villain who now thinks of evil, but solely the knowledge that there is such a stain tarnishes the experience.

We have tried for some time to find a solution. The fully closed crotch catsuit may be a real killjoy. Against sweating we have of course not found a solution, but the leak in the crotch area, we can now significantly reduce, if not avoid even completely.

So it was only logical that we take this solution in the form of an additional cover from now on as a standard in all suits, also into existing and current orders. Whether it works in practice, of course, also depends on the quantity of perspiration, but an improvement, it is always. Moisten feet we can not prevent with it, the sweat must indeed go somewhere.

I am looking forward to the feedback from the first customers who get a suit with the additional cover.

I wish you all a lot of fun with the products from Fantastic Rubber ♥♥♥

Peter Pick

PS: My team will continuously developing  the Catsuits together with me in the future !