our female customers should pay attention to this ...

Fantastic Rubber always strives for the best fit, and I'm not sure if I will ever reach this;-)

Again and again, there are improvements in the patterns, sometimes only small, or sometimes very essence. Recently it was the much better emphasized butt. The new form has now received a lot of applause and every proud owner of such catsuits also reaped much attention.

During the past years however, many suits have been produced where the chest despite of exact dimensions did not fit as expected. I controlled the calculation and the pattern and found no errors. Nevertheless, the reality showed a different picture.

Since 2012, customers in America have become much more numerous - it has thus spread even across the pond. One reason was the German Fetish Award in this year.
In America, a breast surgery is perhaps not every day, but much more often, and also no taboo subject. And that's why I want to address it openly here.

Through a boob job, of course, changed the breast size. This is indeed certainly sense of it all. The back remains unaffected. And here I discovered the error in the calculation.The ratio of chest to back shifts and this needs to be included in the calculation, otherwise the breast cup is too small.

I ask now our female customers without hesitation to talk to us about it, and also for the next request for a catsuit in this case, the chest circumference before the operation. New customers, which we measured in our studio, will be asked, if we have a corresponding suspicion.