Review of 2011

The year 2011 is coming to its end and this is a good time for us to analyse the past year.

In spring 2011 we moved with our atelier to an actual shop. Sure it had cost us some money and nervs but it was worth it! Not only we have so much more space now for our production, because of the station the shop is very easy to reach for our copstumers and employees.

Our product range is much wider. We now have developed tights, leggins, jeans, button-downs and many more products. A highlight are our hot-pans which shapes your bottom like a nice, round apple. Our customers love them as well as our new skirts which convience them because of the great fitting. They shape a wonderful sillouette and by the way -- men love them too.

But there are also products we have to let go. We don´t produce nor sell any vaccum beds anymore. The demand was never that big so we decided to concentrate our energy on other products.

Also the traditional catsuit is gone. He was an endangered species anyway with all the neck-entry catsuits -- at last nearly nobody wanted them any more. Never the less we hope, that customers who didn´t like the new generation of catsuits will give them at least a try.

The reason for not keeping the traditional suit are problems with the zippers. As every article the industry trysto enhance them -- since years they are made of nylon already which didn´t cause a problem by now. But then the producers startedo heat-treat them to make them more durable and water-resistent. Good for them, but we can´t glue the zippers to the latex effectivly any more.

In 2007 we decided only to work with zippers in the color of the suit as well as to take the small 40 ones. But those are the ones which are causing the problems now especially when they are longer like in the area of the back. To prevent those problems we would have to invest a large amount of money for the 60 zippers in all available colours. But as said above the demand lessend more and more so we decided to let the classical suit die.

I hope, you will understand my decisions and I wish you, your family and all your friends a peaceful christmas. 

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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