HowTo for the BBC

we got questions about the BBC, how can I put this catsuit on. Here is a little manual to help you ...

Prepairing your BBC:

  • turn the catsuit inside out
  • sprinkle oil over the catsuit and fold the oiled parts
  • redo oiling until the complete surface is oily
  • turn the suit to the right side
  • please verify, that the neck-holder for the breastforms hang free inside the suit - don't step with a leg into it
  • the thin cover must be at the front side, it should prevent, that sweat drops into the breastpokets
  • put the catsuit on like descibed (read the document, that comes with your suit)
  • pull the neckholder up between the suit and the thin cover, this cover must be on your bust
  • pull the neck-holder over your head
  • oil the breastforms
  • pull the neck open and put the breastforms into the pockets

I hope it works well and you have a lot of fun with your suit.

Peter Pick

Fantastic Rubber

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