Waist Cincher

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Radical Rubber430.00€390.00€350.00€
Yummy Gummy or RuBear460.00€420.00€380.00€

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The Waist-Cincher corset is shorter than the Underbust and is made with three parts on each side.

It is available with either a 20cm or 24cm Planchette (the part in the front where you close the corset). Consequently it is ideal for wearing over our catsuits that have transparent leg parts, like the Amazon or the Barbie, because it doesn’t cover them.

This corset comes with a waist band and has 4 metal bones on each side. The thickness of the latex for the Waist Cincher corset is 0.8mm. The corsets are double-layered and are 1,6mm to 1,8mm thick.

Wearing our high quality Waist-Cincher corset will give you a wonderful looking waist, but this will not be at the expense of your comfort because our corsets can be worn for hours and hours.