Pantyhose single color

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MaterialHigh waist
.25mm or .4mm300,00€
.5mm or .6mm *)320,00€

*) Unfortunately, not all colors are available in thickness 0.6mm. Metallic colors are not offered by RR in 0,6mm. In the thickness 0,5mm we have almost every color in stock. Please ask for availability.

This is a classic pantyhose style made from very thin 0,25mm latex. The cut is optimized to accentuate your butt and we are sure you will love the fit and comfort when wearing our latest design. Having latex outfits that are ‘made to measure’ is really important to guarantee a perfect fit on your body. This is equally true for pantyhose. That is why we apply exactly the same standards to our pantyhose as we do for our catsuits and corsets. Our pantyhose is available in the full colour range we have on offer, including black, transparent, red, pewter, transparent and many more. The material thickness is available in either .25mm or .4mm. However, we recommend .25mm for maximum comfort. Our pantyhose also comes with two small holes underneath the toes of each foot to prevent any vacuum effect when putting them on. We recommend that you use only a little amount of powder when putting on your pantyhose, or if using lube only do this from the knee downwards. Otherwise your pantyhose might slip.