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MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
.25 mm or .4mm350.00€320.00€290.00€
.5mm or .6mm *)380.00€350.00€320.00€
.8mm **)410.00€380.00€350.00€
Aufpreise für Optionen
back seam in other color20,00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Unfortunately, not all colors are available in thickness 0.6mm. Metallic colors are not offered by RR in 0,6mm. In the thickness 0,5mm we have almost every color in stock. Please ask for availability.

**) for the thickness .8mm all seams are reinforced on the inside

Leggings is an insider among our customers. Worn once and instantly fell in love often.

Why is it you ask?

It is because the excellent fit of leggings. Through our many years of know-how with leggings Catsuits was a logical step for us.
Then there is the very good shaping and support of her buttocks which visually represents again a highlight.

This is what customers tells us about the good known leggings we produced in the past.

But now we have developed new pattern, with less seams and a very better form for the butt.

The leggings are available in lengths of 3/4 or 7/8. Optionally can be attached to the backside a seam on leg. The surcharge is 10,-€

The defauls for the leggings are for men a 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration, for women a 2-way-crotch-zip. Please tell us your wishes if you want a different solution.