Latex-Boots with block heel - Model 700

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A rustical latex boot with 10cm high block heel. Available in sizes 37 to 43.

The upper shoe is made of 0,8mm thick latex. The inner sole is covered with soft 2mm thick foam rubber, the upper side of the inner sole is also made of latex.

The boot is very comfortable and comfortable to wear. The heel has a large footprint and therefore offers more stability. The outsole is made of rubber and offers very good grip even on bad ground.

The shaft is knee high (up to the lower knee), on request also soon available as overknee boot (in preparation).

Around the sole and at the upper edge of the shaft the boot is reinforced with an additional strip of 0,8mm latex, the color of this strip can be ordered in a second color.

The zipper can also be ordered in one of the colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white

The calf circumference is made to measure, the ankle circumference depends on the shoe size.

Folds in the area of the ankle cannot be avoided and are caused by movement of the ankle.

here a small video