Underbust Corset

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Redical Rubber580.00€540.00€500.00€
Yummy Gummy620.00€580.00€540.00€
Modesty Panel30.00€

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The wonderful corset. It fascinates and you feel the eyes of other people on you who are equally fascinated by its effect.

Because of the special cut of this corset you will experience an extremely nice and curved waist from the start. Not only that, but it will be comfortable for hours and hours.

It's not spiral bones but spring steel bones that gives this corset its stability and strength. The bones are then encased within cotton. These are enhanced at the ends and are well rounded to allow you to enjoy wearing your corset for a long time. This is because the really amazing thing is that the stiffer the corset the more comfortable it is.

We manufacture your corset individually according to your measurements and the color or color combination you want. The length of the Planchette (the part in the front where you close the corset) is your choice. The corsets themselves are double-layered and are 1,6mm to 1,8mm thick.

Our corsets are made to last for years and years. In most circumstances they have proved to be nearly indestructible!

And lastly, if you are feeling daring you can of course choose to wear your Underbust Corset above your clothes...