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Premium and VIP pricing informations

MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
Prices for extras
gauntlets (wrist-cuffs)50.00€
separate or attached socks85.00€
Special-Fit-Option *)80.00€
Big-Boobs-Option *)110.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Special Fit relates to the chest area of the and is an option that makes sense from a C cup up. Similar to the Big-Boobs this option has a halter, but instead of the closed bags are cut-outs for existing breast in halter. It also looks like an underwire bra-strap and the is drawn into the crease below the breast.

The design Blizzard is a multicolor catsuit.

The pictures shows the catsuit as a BBC.

All colors are free to choose, if you need help, please don´t hesitate to ask us.

  • Main color at the pictrues is M80 pewter
  • Second color for the stripes is M10 metallic red.

The maincolor is for all designs is the color on the primary sexual characteristics. This mustn't be the biggest part of the.

The without any options is:

  • 4cm collar, up to 8cm or more
  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration (male)
  • footstraps (stirrups)

The catsuit is also available as a men's catsuit., Big-Boobs- (BBC) or Special-Fit-Option (SFC) is possible, too.