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Premium and VIP pricing informations

MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
.25mm or .4mm710.00€670.00€630.00€
Prices for extras
Lace option130,00€
Socks (attached or separate)85.00€
Special-Fit *)80.00€
Big-Boobs *)120.00€
Prices for patchwork option
big A5 (ca. 14cm x 20cm)80.00 Euro
medium A6 (ca. 10cm x 14cm)100.00 Euro
small A7 (ca. 7cm x 10cm)120.00 Euro

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) I don't recommand the option Special-Fit and Big-Boobs if the upper chest is made from translucent , because the neckholder can be visible.

A with an exclusive design. On first sight you may think it's a body and separate stockings, but look again and realise this is something special, a bicolor with optional amazing filigree lace details (extra 120,00 Euro).

The suits second-color is semi-transparent. The body, and sleeves are the main colour. All colors are your choice. The 4cm high collar is available in a colour of your choice, including skin colored. The two-way zipper will also be in that color, with an option to have a hidden open crotch.

The without any options is:

  • turtle- 4cm or up to 8cm
  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration (male)
  • footstraps (stirrups)