Time to say Good Bye

Everything has an end, only the sausage ...

We are all getting older and getting old is the only way to live long.

I started Fantastic Rubber 18 years ago, in January 2005. I have initiated many things in the szene with my label, was often doubted by friends whether my project will be crowned with success, have driven my competitors to do the same. A main concern was always the attention to detail, maximum processing and optimal fit.

Now I am ringing in the last year, for me it will be history in March 2024. I just don't have the strength anymore and want to have a few more happy months with my beloved Waltraut.

I have been looking for a successor for a long time, there were already some who tried, but to whom I did not want to hand over my child with all my employees with a good feeling. There is a lot of heart and soul in Fantastic Rubber, I have many very long-time employees and all together form a good and very reliable team. A successor should also take their interests into account, nurture and care for them.

In the meantime, a successor has been found and is being trained. Whether it leads to the desired success, the next months will show. But I am in good spirits :-)

The products should be further developed, the customers should feel in good hands and my products should not disappoint them in the future.

Fantastic Rubber will stay at the current location and only this way it is possible to hand over the employees to the successor and to be a reliable partner for all parties in the future.

I hope to be a welcome guest at my successor's in the future and to support him with words and deeds.

With all the thoughts that have been driving me in the last weeks, I already know how much I will miss it.

The request to you, remain faithful to the label, support my successor as you have done it for a long time with me.

Thank you for reading.

Fantastic Rubber

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