Queue Information

Some of our customers are watching the queue very closely. The anticipation is great and one would like to know when the time has finally come and when one's own order will be produced.

Now a few weeks ago an error crept into our order management and the displayed number of orders that lie before your order was calculated incorrectly.

Now we have fixed the error and everything should be displayed correctly again.

The program actually calculates quite simply, all orders not yet completed are counted, which have a smaller order number than your order number.

In some cases, however, it may happen that stopped jobs are queued again.

This is the case when orders are actually due for production, but essential information is not yet available.

These could be missing dimensions, for example, or the customer could not yet decide on a color.

Small changes are therefore possible, but not essential.

So no customers are preferred, there are no A-customers and B-customers with us.

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