Order Queue

Many of our customers keep a regular watch on the order queue. Anticipation is great and they would like to know when it is finally time for the production of their own order..
But some customers can not decide for the best details or have not yet communicated their measurements. There are also customers who have to stop their order for personal reasons.

This always leads to confusion among other customers because it has an impact on the queue.

Our order management counts the orders in a very simple way: All orders with normal status and smaller order number than my order are counted.
Thus, if orders are suspended, e.g. because of missing information, they lost the normal status and are no longer counted and fall out of the queue. If the necessary information is available to us, the order in question will regain a normal status and other orders seems to be moving back into the future.
These changes are unfortunately inevitable, because there are always orders where it jammed somewhere.

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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