new order processing

Fantastic Rubber want to inform you, how we process orders.

After defining all order details the order is entered and the customer received an order confirmation by email. This remains aunverändert way.

The way we handle orders until April 2015...

If the order is in front of production, the pattern was created and the invoice was sent via email to the customer.

The other order processing was carried out regardless of a customer response. But the distance of creation of the pattern to the start of production was too long by the Promotions for our 10th anniversary.

New hires in the production initially reduce productivity and only after the training is an appreciable acceleration noticeable.

and so it was until September...

we create the invoice at the start of production to limit the time gap between invoice receipt and completion to keep as small as possible.

However, this results in many orders now, that are ready made for weeks and no payment will be made.

and so it is currently...

  • for the next due for production orders, the invoice is created and sent
    Note by the customer that he wants to pick up or after receipt of the payment, the production is started.
    The delivery takes place immediately after completion, unless it is otherwise requested by the customer.
    We just want to prevent that we process orders, for which we wait long for the payment or maybe even never paid.

Paying customers have to wait through these contracts in the past far longer and will now receive their orders faster soon.

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