neue Namen für einige Farben

Radical Rubber renamed some colors.

This may cause irritation, but the color codes remain the same.

In the past there were already renames, partly also changed color codes. So S170 became FLESH which unfortunately is no longer available, but we still have it in stock, S171 MANNEQUIN, which was offered in the transition period as S170.


Some time ago S31 medical red became S31 medical burnt orange - but we still use the name KLINIKROT

From S135 Standard Purple became S135 DAMSON PURPLE - or in good German Zwetschke

M70 metallic SILBER is changed to M70 metallic GRAY

M100 metallic BLACK has been a problem for a long time because it has a green or blue embroidery, now RR has renamed the colour M100 metallic PETROL as a consequence.


If you are not sure which color you want for your catsuit, please feel free to ask


Peter Pick Fantastic Rubber

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