Model Call 2015

Model Call 2015

The Model Call has closed at December 31th.

Please have a little patience, through the special prices for our anniversary we all need time to answer emails.

The draw will be probably can find only in mid-January.

I wünche you all a happy and successful year - and of course always a lot of latex and silicone oil enough.

Fantastic Rubber wants to sponsor some models with latex clothing in 2015 under the following conditions: 

  1. Get the first outfit 
  2. Make the shooting 
  3. Provide images for the home page of FR 
  4. Publish images by yourself and name Fantastic Rubber for any publication (it doesn't matter if Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Model Mayhem, FetLife etc.) 
  5. Get the next outfit 

The outfits remain the property of the model. 

All applicants write a short email with max. 3 images in latex (or a link to pictures), and why you like Fantastic Rubber and want to support it.

Every candidate has an equal chance, because each application comes in an identical envelope and is achieved from all entries. 

It does not matter whether your clothing size is 34 or 44, whether you are female or male. The only requirement is to be in contact with photographers and that you have experience with latex.

So, if you manage to do good shoots, you get more outfits. 

The draw and laying down on the number takes place late 2014.

So, what do you think?

Peter Pick

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