Unfortunately, this is also related to Corona, because employment offices and job centers have stopped the placement in higher parts, cannot make personal consultations and "may" not even ask for an interview.

Therefore the delivery times at Fantastic Rubber have increased steadily. Currently we need about 12 weeks for new orders until shipping.

And this brings us to the next problem: The sales tax will be 19% again from January 1, 2021 again. In the summer we missed the necessary price increase, which is mainly due to increased labor costs.

However, the decisive factor for the VAT rate is the time of delivery, and this will no longer be this year for all orders from today's date, 4.11.2020. So I have to take this into account already from now on.

I would have wished for a different procedure from the politicians, but unfortunately I have no influence on this.

Special attention must be paid to orders from the UK, these customers will no longer have to pay the German sales tax as of January 1, 2021, but the valid sales tax from the UK will apply, possibly additional fees and customs duties. For this reason we will put all our energy into delivering all current orders from UK until Christmas 2020

I hope that we all get through these difficult times well and stay healthy.

In the hope of a better year 2020

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber

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