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A note to our customers outside the EURO room

Everyone is certainly aware that international payments by bank transfer are very cumbersome and that the banks charge high fees for them. Within the EURO area, however, it is very easy to

Internationally, however, payment by credit card is common, but also has high follow-up costs - on both sides. Of course, the billing companies' fee models only want our best, namely our money. For the customer this means up to 2% fees for foreign payments, for Fantastic Rubber up to 6% for fees. The fees for the credit card company, the bank managing the account, the billing company add up - and everyone naturally wants to be remunerated for his services.

For Fantastic Rubber, costs in the high 4-digit range arise every year. The net profitability for most latex labels is about 10% to 12% and these fees consume a considerable part of the profit.

One solution are companies such as TransferWise, which dispute this business with the banks. Please take a look at the TransferWise site (, international payments are easier than you might think. The fees for the customer are also much lower than for credit card payments.

For Fantastic Rubber this means that in the future we will only accept credit cards in exceptional cases.


Peter Pick

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