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  • Order Queue

    Many of our customers keep a regular watch on the order queue. Anticipation is great and they would like to know when it is finally time for the production of their own order..

  • Preparing for repair - deoiled properly

    Unfortunately it happens again and again that we get oily or at least not properly de-oiled clothing for repair. The annoying for us because absolutely no oil should go into the workshop.

  • HowTo for the BBC

    we got questions about the BBC, how can I put this catsuit on. Here is a little manual to help you ...

    Prepairing your BBC:

  • NEW - Gloves without Fingertips made to measure

    A long-known problem seems finally solved: Gloves made to measure and in every color are now available.

    Fantastic Rubber is proud to offer you made to measure gloves matching your catsuit.
    The gloves are made from the same role when they are ordered together with a catsuit.

  • do you know this problem .... ?

    Many people who at times also wear latex slightly longer have a problem. After some time you start to sweat and the crotch-zip is a true source for wetness.

  • Developing the pattern

    Fantastic Rubber is continuously innovating and improving on our patterns. Some changes are made to improve the durability, and other improve fit and comfort.

  • Mens collection online

    Finally! The pictures of our men collection are online. Took us long enough but the result really good.


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